In the world of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, a thoughtfully designed store can be the key to your business's success, especially amid the growing world of e-commerce, where buyers can have anything they need at the click of a mouse. Your goal with your physical store should be to create a space that makes people want to leave home to experience it, so we’ve put together a checklist that will help your store stand out from the rest. 


1. Signs That Stop Traffic

With the hustle and bustle of today's cities, many stores find it tough to cut through and stand out from the crowds, which means that your brand's external signage may be the first thing your potential consumer sees, making it just as vital as what's inside. 

Outdoor signage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including sidewalk lollipop signs like our Standing Sign, standalone A-Frame signs, or wall-mounted signage like our Round Sign or Store Sign. By placing a variety of external signage options outside, you may increase the chances that customers walking, driving, or passing by will notice your business. For businesses that are open from day to night, consider our Lightbox Sign, which is ideal for cafes, restaurants, or stores that want to be recognized from day to night.

Sidewalk Sign

2. First Impressions Count

From the moment your customer steps inside your space, it’s crucial that you create a good first impression. You’ve already ticked one box by nailing your exterior signage, now get it right once they are in your space. The easiest and simplest way to do this is simply by ensuring your customers are greeted on arrival. The feel and look of the interiors should essentially convey that your business is approachable, desirable, and appealing to the people it serves.


3. Stop Bypassers with your Window Display

Create an eye-catching window display that showcases your brand and offerings. Shop window displays can be as simple or as out there as you like; if you want to keep things simple, a nice vinyl sticker could just be the thing. Change them regularly to capture the attention of your foot traffic and create a sense of curiosity. Check out our blog on how to find the best sign writers in the business! Click here. 

Window Displays

4. Get Creative with a Standout Wall Display

Get creative with your wall displays by installing a modern letter menu board. Perfect for retail stores, cafes, or restaurants. Changeable Letter Menu displays are often more versatile than custom wall signage, designed for an easy, changeable menu that's perfect for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. By having the ability to feature anything you like you can make the space your own, from a daily cafe menu with specials to upcoming events or an inspiring daily quote. 

For those stores short on wall space, try our small wooden letter board for a more compact way to display your message, or if you can make the most of high ceilings, our ceiling menu board could be the perfect way to make a statement. 


5. Make the Little Details Count

If handwriting your price signs and labeling the little things is taking too much time out of your day, then get your hands on a set of our best-selling Counter Signs. The perfect way to display prices and names of goods while looking great on display. If you are after something a little larger to make more of a bold impact, try our range of Table Talkers, which come in a range of colors and sizes designed to blend cohesively into your current space.

Counter Signs

6. Set The Mood: Crafting Ambience 

It’s essential to consider the feeling and vibe associated with your space when your customers step inside. Quick and easy ways to create a welcoming vibe are through things as simple as a Spotify playlist that suits your brand, a nice smell to fill the space by lighting your favorite candle, or freshly baked goods. 

By considering this simple checklist, it could help to create a warm and welcoming store space that customers will immediately appreciate the moment they step inside. 

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