One of the first steps you make towards your new cafe or coffee shop can be naming the space! We have compiled a list below of our top things to consider before choosing your cafe name. 

Keep it simple!

A good cafe name is the very first touchpoint of your business that your customers will experience. You want the cafe name to be short & sweet, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and most importantly easy to remember. The last thing you want is customers misspelling your cafe name whilst searching for it on google or telling their friends about you.  

Make it personal

A personal favorite! Use your name or a family name to make your coffee shop feel more personal! People love to feel a sense of community to regular places they visit, so use your cafe name to connect to your customers on a deeper level. If not connected to you, think about relating your coffee shop name to a specific dish or beverage that you offer or something your customers will remember you by. 

Circle Sign

Make sure your coffee shop name is available online

Double-check the availability for things such as domain names, Instagram handles, Twitter and email addresses. You don’t want your cafe name to drown in a sea of ‘Coffee House’ handles on social media. Our tip for this is trying to avoid using ‘Coffee__House’ or ‘Coffeehouse91’, if the first choice for your handle is not available and you have to start adding ‘__’ think of something a little more unique to your space or local area to be the point of difference and really stand out from the crowd. 

Think about branding

How will your new cafe name look when printed out on signage, business cards, napkins etc. Our Round Sign, Square Wall Sign, or A-frame Sign is a great place to start when thinking about where your name will sit on your streetscape and if it fits in with your local surroundings. Take a look at “a guide to your restaurant logo’ when thinking about branding. 

A-frame Sign

Consider your audience. 

Before choosing your coffee shop name, think about the type of people you are targeting. Perhaps if your coffee shop is on the train line, you can emphasize the fact that it is quick and easy to pop in for their regular morning coffee on the go. Or perhaps your space is in the countryside, your cafe name can reflect the beautiful surroundings that typically draw people to the area. 

Share the coffee shop name with friends and family

Does everyone pronounce it the same? Does everyone spell it the same? Come up with a couple of different options and see which one people are drawn to the most, write them down to see what looks the best on paper. Look into ways people may start to abbreviate the name or create nicknames over time. We love to use our Studio Roller to brainstorm ideas such as this, with a group of friends and family to have all your ideas in one place.  

Your WHY

Think about what matters most to you and your business before coming up with your coffee shop name.  Jot down all the ideas and reasoning behind your inspiration and pinpoint this down to one word, is it the atmosphere you want to create? The amazing coffee you have on offer or the place you want people to gather. Define your why and shout it from the rooftops! 


Take a look at our George and Willy menu displays and signage options. Think about how your cafe name will look when printed out on vinyl decal and displayed throughout your space, print the coffee shop name really small and then really big, does it still convey the same message? Your graphic designer can help you here, but this is a great place to start!   

Most of all, enjoy the process! Coming up with a coffee shop name or cafe name is an exciting step towards opening your dream space! Take the time to consider these steps and really think about the function and usability of your coffee shop name in the cafe scene. We would love to hear what you have come up with! Tag us in your photos on Instagram or email them through to us,