The work of Derlot caught our eye after the fit-outs of Brisbane's Morning After and Yolk which featured our Magnetic Menu Board. Derlot Group is a design collective encompassing industrial, interior and graphic and furniture design. We picked the brains of Derlot Group's Director, Alexander Lotersztain about his design ethos.  

What is your background?

Born in Argentina and now living in Australia after travelling and living in a few places, Tokyo, Milan, Barcelona, Havana.

Your multidisciplinary design studio also encompasses furniture and lighting brands, can you tell us a little bit more about these two branches of your business?

Derlot started as a design studio focusing mainly on industrial and furniture design, I’ve always wanted my studio to be multidisciplinary as I believe design has no creative boundaries.

Now as Derlot group the company has 2 furniture brands and as well as Studio Derlot focusing on Industrial, interior design and branding.


What is your design ethos? 

 Approach every challenge in a new way. Conversation and observation is key!

What are your biggest design challenges? 

Convincing clients to truly believe in the power of design, how it can transform an interior or product. People usually think its an aesthetic thing, but real innovators know is much more than that! 

Who are your biggest design influencers? 

I admire the work of many designers, but to be honest art and travel are my main source of inspo these days.


What is your favourite project to date? 

Every project was good in some way, either I learnt a lot or was highly successful I don’t judge, if I have to pick I would probably say, Limes Hotel cause it gave me the opportunity to approach the project in a holistic way, meaning designing everything from the logo, luggage tags to the interior and signature cocktail and waterscape for kind of the same reasons, but obviously with a product.


The George and Willy Magnet Wall Board: the Magnetic Menu Board in Yolk Cafe. 

What do you think is the key to good design?

Listen to your client to understand what the problem is and come up with the best solution

What do you like about George & Willy? 

Its simplicity, you found a niche and you went for it, perfectly executed, I admire that.

The George and Willy Cafe Menu Board: the Magnetic Menu Board in Yolk Cafe. 

When designing for a hospitality space, what aspects do you consider most important to creating an enjoyable and memorable space for visitors?

Most important is to try to communicate the design intent through all touchpoints, an interior needs to be embracive and transport you to an experience, this is one of the reasons we recommend clients to go with a holistic design approach, either by us working on all aspects or art directing.


What can we expect to see in the future from Derlot?

We are working on a fun project: Thai restaurant with a twist and we are now in the midst of opening our second office in the US, in Los Angeles. The US operation in NY and Cali mainly focuses on the furniture brands but the idea is that we will be assisting clients with interior needs in the future!

What’s your top tip to staying creative?

Keep your eyes open!

The George and Willy Magnetic Letter Board: the Magnetic Menu Board in Yolk Cafe.