So you’ve bought an epic sign, you’re excited to piece it together and proudly put it up on display, but you need your branding to be printed on the display board. Here are a few initial pointers to help, but have a read of the full Journal post for an in-depth overview:
  • We recommend using a high-tech vinyl, we find this 3M Controltac Vinyl Adhesive works best for our signs. Have your signwriter test their vinyl sticker first to ensure that there is a strong bond on your sign or menu display, as the adhesive may be more or less effective depending on different surfaces. We'd also recommend that your vinyl sticker is no less than 2mm thick.
  • We don’t advise having your entire sign covered with one complete vinyl sticker. To give you a good idea of how your vinyl decal should be cut, have a watch of the video below and share it with your vinyl artist:

    Applying Vinyl Yourself:

    Unless you’re an absolute pro at sign writing (and if so, this blog probably doesn’t apply to you), you might want to start by watching a few tutorial videos. Vinyl application can be relatively straight-forward, but if you're wanting to apply with any other materials, we always suggest getting a professional sign writer to do this for you. A basic step-by-step process has six key steps:

    9 Steps for Applying your vinyl Decal

    1. When ordering your vinyl, double check the size & proportions are correct, this can easily be done on your computer using Canva or any Adobe software. Draw the sign to scale and place your logo on it - check there is enough space around the logo. Next, draw reference lines on the logo e.g one in the center, and one at the base of the text. Then you will know the distance from the top of the sign to the reference line at the base of the text, (or ask your graphic designer to do this).
    2. Once you have received your vinyl you will need to get a ruler and mark the reference lines onto the front of the vinyl, the translucent transfer paper part.
    3.  Gather your tools - masking tape, credit card (for applying pressure), measuring device (two will be helpful), a pal (it's good to have an extra hand, especially if it's big), alcohol wipes or something to clean the surface, a phone on a tripod to film the process - this is a fun and satisfying job.
    4. Place a line of masking tape on the top of the decal - like a hinge. Half of it going onto the sign and half onto the translucent transfer paper on the vinyl, this is when you line up your reference line with the edges of the sign. This will get your placement right.
    5. Stand back and have a look and check its centered and level.
    6.  Lift the decal like a trapdoor (the masking tape is the hinge) ensuring the masking tape does not come off the sign. Peel the back paper from the decal being careful the sticker stays on the translucent sheet.
    7. Now the tricky part - slowly drop the decal ensuring it all contacts consistently - good to have a spare hand for this part.
    8. Apply pressure to the vinyl and top transfer paper with fingers and use a credit card to massage it onto the sign. 
    9. Carefully peel the transfer paper from the front. 

    How to find a Sign Writer:

    If we’ve learnt one thing over the past year, it’s to support local businesses. An easy Google search or question to your local Facebook page will push you in the right direction of someone capable of branding your sign. 

    Once you have found a sign writer, it’s time to provide them with the necessary information. Some key points sign writers will want to know are the material of the sign, size, and colour of branding.

    If you’re unsure about the size or materials, you can head to the specific product you purchased on the website and look for FAQs to find necessary information, or you can contact our friendly customer service team here.

    Finding a sign writer can take all the stress out of application, leaving the experts to provide you with your desired decal on a great sign!

    We've put together a Sign Writer Directory to make it nice & easy for you to find a local sign writer. Find the directory here.