Reminiscent of the old timetables at airport and train terminals, the Departures Board is our take on a traditional split flap display, a retro design made modern with magnetic letters that easily slot into place. We think this wall-mounted letter display would look great in any space, so we’ve come up with a few ways to use it if you’re stuck for ideas. 

Departures board - old train station, bus terminal and airport timetable letter display

Wedding signage 

This retro display would be the ideal solution to providing helpful signage on your wedding day, a great way to help guests know where to leave gifts, welcome them to the venue, or present the timings of your big day.  

Share a menu 

Make your café, restaurant or bar’s menu easily read by adding it to the Departures Board and displaying it on the wall. Whether it’s ice cream flavors, bagel fillings, or freshly-baked pastries, the letters can easily be removed and swapped if you need to change or update the menu, and stacking a few magnetic letter boards together side-by-side for multiple menus would look great.  

Departures Board - magnetic letter board display, old timetables at airport and train terminals.


Keeping track of time 

Use the magnetic letter board as a timetable to help your guests and customers find out when and where they need to be. The Departures Board could be mounted on the wall in a hotel lobby, studio entrance, or office reception, to efficiently display the day, week or month’s schedules. 

To do list in the office 

When the to-do lists start to pile up, keeping on top of tasks can become a little overwhelming. Add your to-do list to the magnetic letter board and make sure everyone’s in the loop with duties and deadlines, which especially useful in an office or communal workspace. 


Departures Board - magnetic letter board display, old timetables at airport and train terminals.


For inspiration

Add your family’s favorite quotes, expressions and notes to the Departures Board and display it in your home for a retro addition to your interiors. You could also make someone's day by adding a heartfelt message, or using it to celebrate a special occasion too. 

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