Taking inspiration from the traditional A-Frame sandwich board, the Wooden Sandwich Board is a fun way to display your message, with a more natural appearance in comparison to the Chalk Sandwich Board, and is just as versatile for your cafe, studio, or business space.

Displaying a menu

If you’re using the Wooden Sandwich Board in your cafe, restaurant or bar, you could add a list of specials or write your full menu on it, changing the items regularly with the use of a felt tip pen. For menus that won’t change, ask your local signwriter to apply them as a vinyl sticker.

Welcome Sign

Whether you’re wanting to say hello when a customer enters your store, greet guests at a wedding, or ask a customer to wait to be seated in your restaurant, the Wooden Sandwich Board could serve as a way of sharing a message, or providing helpful instructions at the entrance of your business. Opt for a long-lasting, permanent message, or use a whiteboard pen to update it.


Sidewalk sign

Originally designed to draw attention on busy sidewalks and pavements, a sandwich board grabs people’s attention as they’re travelling down the street, providing the perfect opportunity to display your logo or offering. Place it outside the front of your store and help customers find you, especially important if you’re notoriously difficult to find or tucked away in a corner.

Wooden Sandwich Board - kids drawing

Showing a timetable
If you need to let customers and guests know where to be and when, the Wooden Sandwich Board could be the perfect option to display important times and locations of classes, sessions or workshops in a gym, church or school. Place it in a spot where it'll be easily noticed and add your daily, weekly or monthly schedules to it.

For more signage options, take a look at the A-Frame Sign or Chalk Sandwich Board, and save when you buy multiple items with the Exterior Signage Bundle.