Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am 23, and 3 of my favourite things are activities, trees and good food. I grew up here just out of Mount Maunganui and have always enjoyed the limitless opportunities that this place offers. Week to week when I'm not in the G & W workshop working or making things, then I would usually try to be out surfing if there are waves, or mountain biking and motorbiking if there's none. It's quite easy to keep busy in this place and it pays to have a shed full of equipment because everyone's into everything. I have studied Industrial Design + Marketing at uni and love it.

How did you come to work at G&W and what is your role?

I grew up with George from the very early days as our parents were good friends, and have known Will for a while now too. I remember rolling around to G & W looking for an after school job about 5 years ago, I was told to bring something I'd made recently so I brought a reconditioned axe that I'd just finished and it must've been enough as it got me the job, I still have the axe and it seems that I still have a job. A few years on down the track now I have come back here and found myself in the role of running the product design and development side of things - alongside the crew, it's a great communal effort that I really enjoy.

Jonty & George making a table in 2016. 

What are you working on outside of work?

In terms of career-type work, last year I started a wee business making ornamental light shades from wood and steel using relatively simple CNC processes. I have always liked lighting and like to think of it as the jewellery of your home, it can be such an underrated facet of architecture. I try to incorporate landscapes and natural patterns into my lights, which create these nice shadows and images - have a look on to see what I mean. Non-career projects - I'm making a tow bar mounted motorbike rack for the back of my truck so I can take my bike with me without having to lug around a whole trailer.


What is your favourite George and Willy product?
The Firestarter, I love how much sense it makes and that you never have to chop kindling in the winter rain again.


What motivates you?

People who are passionate about what they are doing. I reckon people who are passionate are so contagious, it gets me wanting to do more.


An interesting fact you have recently learned?

The Nike 'Swoosh' logo cost the company US$35 back in 1971 from graphic designer Carolyn Davidson. Nuts to think of how many pieces of clothing and shoes it's been printed on since - it's also in the top 10 most recognised brands in the world. I hope Carolyn took some dividends too.


Favourite weekend adventure?

Last weekend was pretty hard to beat in books, it involved 11 of us on old farm bikes with surfboards attached tripping around farmland on the Waiarapa coast to a music festival, it ticked most boxes for me.
Winter weekends are best spent up the mountain on the sticks (skis).


Best way to start the day?

A swim in the sea, there just can't be a better way to wake you up in the morn.