Recently we went on a trip up the Macaulay valley which is inland from Tekapo.

It is an awesome part of the country and the four days that we were there were perfect.

Looking north towards Mount Cook.


Sleeping in the back of the Landcruiser.




The Macaulay Valley


It is interesting in that part of the country to look at the Twizel canal projects that were done in the 1960's to the 1980's. They are a massive piece of Infrastructure and I find the project rather impressive.

This power station reminds me of something you would see in Russia and looks rather out of place when you come around the corner in the middle of nowhere and see it.


An Idyllic lunch spot alongside the man-made canal. There are kilometres and kilometres of these canals and I always wonder how it is possible to move that much earth, although I suppose once you chip away for a number of years it all adds up.


You can fit a car inside these pipes which run down to the power station below and generate power for the country.

Here are two links to further info about the Waitaki Hydro Scheme if it is of any interest:

Meridian Energy - About the Hydro Scheme 

A huge scheme and a long build