Meet Christi Rivard of Bidgood+Co, a full-service design firm that prides itself on creating environments beyond what you could have ever imagined. A collection of designers, technologists, and craftspeople devoted to creating thoughtfully-curated spaces; Bidgood+Co has a playful aesthetic that focuses on functionality.  
Modern Bright cafe Interior Design

Tell me a bit about yourself and Bidgood + Co Interior Design. 
Bidgood+Co interiors is a boutique, design and build practice in Victoria BC Canada, owned by Kyla Bidgood and Chris Strong. Bidgood+Co Interiors merged with Strong Construction back in 2016, and we’ve never looked back! We have grown into a collective of designers, technologists and craftspeople devoted to creating thoughtful curated spaces. Personally I’ve been at Bidgood+Co since 2018, but I actually did my design internship with Kyla back in 2012! 
Wooden Letter Board On Brick Wall For A Cafe Menu
How did you get started in design?
I studied art and architectural history in university, and was inspired by the impact that an interior space can have. I was always drawn to the arts, and a career in Interior Design felt like an opportunity to integrate artistry into people’s day to day life.
Green cafe interior design
What is your design ethos?
At Bidgood+Co, we look at every project with fresh eyes as a new opportunity. We never impose a “house style" onto a project, we develop an overarching concept catered specifically to the client. 

What are your biggest design challenges?
Locally one of our biggest project challenges is balancing unique design solutions with budget restrictions. Being island based in a more remote part of the world has forced us to be clever with locally sourced materials. We’re often fabricating our own components for projects which is a unique offering from a design firm.
Cafe Interior Design featuring arch windows - modern style
Who are your biggest design influencers?
We find that design firms based in Australia are consistently creating amazing spaces. I don’t know if it’s something in the water there, but firms like Mim Design, Studio Esteta and Golden deserve some serious kudos! 
Bright modern cafe interior design featuring abstract art on brick wall
What is your favorite project to date?
While it’s hard to choose just one, one of my favorite Bidgood+Co projects is Hey Happy. The use of colour and playful shapes is so fitting to the name of this Victoria coffee shop!

What do you like about George & Willy?
George and Willy products have this timeless simplicity to them that blends into nearly all project aesthetics.
Wooden Letter Board In General Store- Blue Interior Design Ice Cream Parlour
You have incorporated a handful of George & Willy items through your projects, what have you used and what do you love about each one? 
We used the Wooden Letter Board on our Coco’s Provisions General Store Project, which has a “scrabble” effect that our client loved!  We also love that most menu boards can be used on a variety of surfaces, like exposed brick or wood cladding.
Wooden Letter Board Scrabble Menu Display
What’s your favorite way to stay creative? 

I think travel and exposure to many places and cultures is the best way to feel creative and inspired.

Have a great day!