Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up just out of Wanaka and spent every second I could in the outdoors or in the shed. I have always had a passion for creating things whether it be with my hands or with my camera. Whether I'm in the shed on the tools or documenting an adventure, I'm happy. I went and studied industrial design because I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself and it was the most hands-on degree I could find.


You have your hands in a few baskets, what does that involve?

After a couple of years working in the industry, I have it down to where I work for a couple of cool companies with a little bit of freelancing on the side. Although I studied design, my focus has shifted to content creation. It's fun creating content that gets people excited or inspired and satisfying being able to tell stories through images and video. My dad is a photographer so there is probably a bit of influence their too. 


I heard you made a bike, can you tell me a bit more about it?

Bikes are cool and riding them is fun as.

What started as a uni project has turned into a full-blown prototype which I can ride on the trails. Its been a 3-year project on top of normal life and work but its satisfying riding something that you have dreamt up. It definitely doesn't outweigh how much work has gone into it though. The bike has a gearbox so all your gears are sealed and a suspension set up that isn't on the market. 

What is your favorite George and Willy Tool?

I love moving things, so the hanging drying rack is up there, such a clever use of space. Having had a big involvement with the Smith Roller project though, I would say it would be this. Wood, leather and brass. The best materials in one place, what's not to like?

What motivates you?

I grew up in rural New Zealand where you didn't go down the road to fix something or to get something new, you made it yourself. This is pretty heavily ingrained, so with everything that I do I am always wanting to make it for myself or to put my own way of thinking into it. The bike is a good example of this, I was like I bet I can design a bike that's better in these ways. But also with content, it's cool to be able to create a story in the way that I see it. The epic crew here at George and Willy has to be one of the biggest motivators though. Everyone is so pumped on everything we do so it's hard not to be motivated and everyone is also pushing each other to do better. 

What do you like about working in the George and Willy culture?

Everyone comes in in the morning to hang out and produce work they are proud of no matter what part of the business they are part of. The team here blurs the lines between co-workers and mates, so we often get pretty sidetracked having fun. Everyone is a creator outside of work with their own personal stuff and this really shines through in the culture in here. It's cool to be able to do a variety of work, from rebuilding the studio, to shooting product videos, to prototyping new product designs and to be given the opportunity to do it all well. In here it's always busy but never stressed.


What does an average weekend look like for you?
It's hard to say as I try make every weekend different but I'm one of those people that hasn't had a weekend unless it's packed with activities. It usually starts with packing the camping kit in my truck and strapping on either the motos, bikes, surf boards, snowboards or a combination of the lot. From there pick up Kaz and the boys and hit the road to someone as remote as possible. Usually get back at some ridiculous hour on Sunday night but it's all worth it.