In an endeavor to create a more inspiring, productive workplace we gave our Design Studio a revamp. We needed a space that was inspirational and functional and we couldn't be happier with the outcome!

The idea behind the huts was to increase productivity and minimize distractions. We built them out of Plywood and you can find instructions to make your own in our free E-book download.swing in white minimalistic office with house plants everywhere

cafe menu board on white wall with motorbike next to it minimalistic office interior design
how to make a wooden wall mounted sign
George & Willy is a workplace built on fun. It's important that our space is light and creative, so it's mostly white with a few plants, photos of friends, and odes to past adventures scattered around. Check out our how to make a wooden sign blog post if you want to make your own, and don't forget to let us know how you get on!
wall mounted note paper roller grocery shopping list A firm favorite amongst the list-makers and note-takers, the Daily Roller is our go-to for the office shopping list.
organised workshop space
cute labrador puppy in wooden dog kennel with tree next to it
morning cup of coffee and chemex
light filled meeting room design studio team meeting
Our meeting room is filled with light and one of the sunniest spots in the Studio. You can usually find us gathered here, coffee in hand, playlist on, brainstorming our next product idea or team-building adventure.
people playing game of archery
wall mounted to do list letter board
Head over to our Studio Rebuild post for the nitty-gritty on the rebuild process.
We hope you have a great day!