Over the past 18 months, I (George) have been lucky enough to go sailing a number of times with my mate David on the Hauraki Gulf.

Dave has got right into his sailing over the past few years and purchased a yacht to learn the ropes and explore the Hauraki Gulf. According to David, this is one of the best sailing grounds in the world. I haven't really sailed anywhere else but I would have to say it is pretty good.

The trips generally start leaving Auckland city on a Friday evening. If you get the tide right this is quick. If not you are in for a bit of a slog. There is not too many places in the world where you can go from being in the city centre to sailing around pristine islands within a few hours.

The Captain

Finn up the mast. The light at the top of the mast had broken so we spent the afternoon hoisting each other up the mast to fix the light, which was a bit of a procedure.

The problem with being on a yacht is that you can not get photos of the yacht and I forgot to get any photos from the land so don't have any of them to share.