Hanging Menu Board.

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Color: Black
Add Magnetic Letters*

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This Hanging Menu Board is a refined and novel hanging signage option to display your menu.

  • The magnetic and reversible faceplate means you can easily swap between two menus or messages.
  • Adjustable extension rods allow you to choose from 3 hanging lengths.
  • Seamlessly install the display from your wall or ceiling.


Horizontal Full Product Size: 31.49”/800mm (L) x 22.44”/570mm (H)
Horizontal Display Board: 31.49”/800mm (L) x 16.92”/430mm (H)
Extension Rods: 4 x 9.84"/250mm
Materials: Steel, Aluminum
Weight: 18lbs/8.2kgs

Vertical Product Size: 33.07"/840mm (L) x 19.6"/530mm (W)
Vertical Display Board: 27.6"/700mm (L) x 20.8"/500mm (W)
Extension Rods: 4 x 9.84"/250mm (L)
Material: Aluminum, Steel
Weight: 11.9lbs/5.4kgs

*The magnetic letters available to order with the Hanging Menu Board are a pack of 516 letters, numbers, and symbols in the same style as the Regular Magnet Letters, 1"/25mm in size.

Each menu board contains both bronze & matching-colored strap options. The extension rod sets offer a total of 19.69"/500mm of additional length

Suitable for indoor use only.


How long are the extension rods that come with the menu board?

Each hanging menu board comes with 4 x 9.84"/250mm extension rods (two for each side) so you can choose to have an additional 9.84”/250mm or 19.69"/500mm length when mounting the menu board from your ceiling.

Do letters come with the Hanging Menu Board?

The magnetic letters are an optional add-on with the Hanging Sign and are 1"/25mm in size. If you have opted to add Magnet Letters, the color will be the inverse of the Magnetic Menu Board you have chosen, eg. the black Hanging Menu Board comes with white letters, and the white Hanging Menu Board comes with black letters.

Does logo printing come with the Hanging Menu Board sign?

No, we sell our Hanging Signage as blank and don't provide a signwriting service. Get in touch with your local signwriter who will be able to make and apply a vinyl sticker to the menu board for you.

Does the Hanging Menu Board come with screws for mounting?

Yes, the Hanging Magnetic Menu Board comes with screws for mounting onto a wooden surface.

Can the Hanging Menu Board be mounted on a tile?

Yes, you can mount the Hanging Sign Board to tile or brick. You will need to source the correct screws from a hardware store though, as ours aren’t designed for tile or brick, just wood or drywall. Your builder should have these handy too.

Can I use a marker pen to write on the Hanging Menu Board?

We would not recommend using any kind of pen on the Magnetic Menu Board. To add a decal to your hanging sign, get in touch with your local sign-writer who will be able to help.

Is this Menu Board weatherproof?

Due to the fact the Hanging Menu Board is crafted from steel, we would not recommend using this hanging signage outdoors. 

Can the Hanging Menu Board be mounted on the ceiling as well?

Yes, it can! The Hardware provided means you can mount it from the wall or ceiling. If you have a high ceiling you can choose to have an additional 9.84”/250mm or 19.69"/500mm length when mounting the menu board from your ceiling with the extension rods provided with your menu.

What other Menu Board options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Park Letter Board and the Market Chalkboard Menu for something different. For more George & Willy hanging and wall mounted signage, take a look at our Store Sign, Flag Sign and Round Sign. For a slightly larger option, check out our Big Round Sign.

Customer Reviews

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Your customer support has gone above and beyond! Thank you so much for your generosity! We love all of our George & Willy products - pictures attached. We're a workplace solution that has dedicated offices, meeting rooms, and shared workspace so we use your signage for our coffee bar areas, catering, welcome signs, etc.

Michelle Ploypailin
Great quality!

Good materials and well designed. We received so many compliments


I couldn’t be happier with our decision to use George and Willy’s products for our homemade ice cream and coffee shop. We purchased hanging menu boards, table talkers, and counter signs, and they have truly transformed the look and feel of our store. The aesthetic they bring to our shop is unparalleled, and we constantly receive compliments from our customers. These products have provided us with a clean, organized, and stylish way to display our current offerings. Thank you, George and Willy, for enhancing our business with your quality and innovative products!


We absolutely love our menu board due to its versatility. It holds up against the elements on our mobile coffee defender and comes with us everywhere! It’s great to have the freedom of the magnetic foam letters to add items to the menu depending on what events we are at to tailor the experiences to our guests. It also allows us to add seasonal specials, all whilst maintaining a super sleek and simple style! 😊


We’ve loved our G&W signage! The design speaks for itself & was an immediate upgrade to our space but the customer service was pleasant suprise. 10/10 would recommend.