Hanging Drying Rack

Inspired by New Zealand back country huts and built with the honest materials of American Ash and Aluminium, we’ve made the Hanging Drying Rack to go the distance and stand the test of time. We thought that seeing as it will be sticking around for a while we’d better help you out with installing your new Laundry Drying Rack and get the job done right.

You and your handyman are looking at taking about 45mins to an hour once you’ve got the tools ready, so get a good playlist going, pour yourselves both a cuppa and enjoy the quick and easy process. 

Hanging Drying Rack

Laundry Hanging Rack

Shelia Maid

What you’ll find in the box.

Item List

The Hanging Laundry Rack comes with all the basics for what you need to make the installation an easy process. We’ve included the bits and pieces made for mounting onto a studded drywall and ceiling.

Note - you may need just a few extra handy tools if you’re installing onto concrete, gib board/drywall or tiles. Check out what we’ve listed below that may help.

What could be handy.

What Could Be Handy

Here’s a small list of the things that will be beneficial to the installation process of your Sheila Maid. You should find that most handymen/women will already have these extras in their tool kits.

Note - The screw size provided is:

30mm/1.2in x 2.5mm/0.1in - 14 x Small Screws

50mm/1.9in x 3mm/0.12in - 18 Large Screws

Step by step installation guide.



Step 1

Basic physics shows us that when air gets hot it expands, becomes less dense than the colder air around it and rises. This means that the warmer, drier air in our homes will always be nearest the ceiling, and that is always the way it will be. With this in mind, lets ensure that you assemble your Laundry Hanging Rack properly as it too will always be the most effective use of that warm, drier air.

Ensure that all 18 small screws are firmly tightened through the side bars and into the 9 pieces of dowel.




Step 2

Select a suitable location to install the Hanging Drying Rack. Ensure the chosen space allows enough room for the rack to be raised and lowered easily.




Step 3.

Position the first pulley onto the ceiling ensuring that it will be secured into a beam.

Fasten the screws once you are sure that there is a supporting beam behind the dryboard. Continue to fasten the remaining screws until the pulley is securely fixed to the ceiling.

Use the 14 long screws for all pulleys and the cleat.

The Laundry Drying Rack is a great addition to your home

Laundry Hanging Rack

Shelia Maid



Hanging Drying Rack

Install pulley (1) 1085mm back from pulley (2). Ensure they are perfectly aligned.



Step 5

Install pulley (3) further back from pulley (2), close into the corner of the ceiling and wall. Ensure that all three pulleys are perfectly aligned.



Step 6

Fix the rope cleat vertically below pulley (3) on the wall. Please ensure the screws find a stud, the distance below pulley (3) doesn’t matter too much, space it out however works best for you. All three pulleys and the rope cleat must be aligned for your Hanging Laundry Rack to look and work the best.

STEP 7. 


Step 7

Thread rope (A) through pulley (1). Continue across to pulley (2) and then onto pully (3) and let it hang down the wall.



Step 8.

Follow the same instructions for rope (B) as you did for rope (A). Pull both ends of rope (A+B) until the Sheila Maid is raised off the ground. Adjust each end accordingly until the rack becomes level in the air. This is where your builders level will come in handy!



Step 9.

Raise the Laundry Hanging Rack to the desired height intended for use - we like to go about chest to waist height. Tie a knot in the two ropes just behind pulley (3). This stops the rack from lowering any further. Tie off rope around the cleat. Cut any excess rope off and melt the ends for a clean and tidy finish.

Here are a few photos of the Hanging Drying Rack in use to give you some inspiration for installing in your space.

Laundry Drying Rack

Color: White


Color: Black

White Hanging Drying Rack  

Color: White

Black Hanging Drying Rack

Color: Black


How low does the Laundry Hanging Rack hang from the ceiling?

The Hanging Drying Rack hangs roughly 8"/20cm. The triangle on the rope stops it from getting flush with the roof but is necessary for stability.

Can we get the Hanging Laundry Rack made to a custom width or length?

We only make the one size and we can not change the dimensions of the laundry hanging rack, sorry.

What tools do you need to install the Hanging Drying Rack?

The Sheila Maid can be installed using a drill by itself, however, we recommend an experienced builder installs the Hanging Laundry Rack as you have to ensure that the fixings are secured into solid timber in the roof.

How much weight can the Laundry Drying Rack hold?

The Laundry Drying Rack can easily hold a full load of clothes. E.g. if you loaded the Hanging Laundry Rack up with soaking wet towels, it would be fine, it just might be a bit heavy to pull up. If you were wanting to hang something else on the Hanging Laundry Rack, like pot plants, that is at your own risk.

What is the maximum ceiling height for the Hanging Laundry Rack?

the maximum height is a 4-meter high stud. The rope on the Hanging Drying Rack is 8 meters long.

Can you install the Hanging Drying Rack by a fireplace?

While you can not install it directly above a fireplace, in case something was to drop and catch fire, you can definitely install the Hanging Laundry Rack in the same room as a fire. That is the best place for the hanging rack as fires create so much heat in the roof space! Our Firestarter is a great product for fires too!

Laundry Hanging Rack

We would love to see how you are using your Hanging Drying Rack! Tag us in your photos @georgeandwilly or send them through to us at sales@georgeandwilly.com