Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack

$617.00 CAD

Color: White

The Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack is a better way to dry your laundry, whatever the weather. Now with extra dowels for more drying space. Use this laundry drying rack to keep your washing out of the way and close to the ceiling where all that warm air is stored. This indoor drying rack is the perfect solution to add more functional charm to your home.


Assembled: 45.3”/1150mm (L) x 23”/585mm (W)
Rope Length: 2 x 26.2ft/8m
Dowels: 12 x American Ash dowels (mould resistant)
Cleat: 1 x cleat for tying the rope off on the wall
Pulleys: 3 x pulleys
Materials: Aluminum, American Oak, Polyester Rope
Weight: 10.3lbs/4.7kgs

*Suitable for indoor use only.

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How low does the laundry dryer hang from the ceiling?

The clothes dryer hangs roughly 20cm/7.87" from the ceiling. The triangle on the rope stops it from being flush with the roof but is necessary for stability.

Can we get the Hanging Drying Rack made to a custom width or length?

We only make one size and we can not change the dimensions of the laundry hanging rack, sorry.

What tools do you need to install the Hanging Drying Rack?

The hanging laundry rack can be installed using a drill by itself, however, we recommend an experienced builder installs the hanging laundry rack as you will need to ensure that the fixings are secured into solid timber in the roof. Each order comes with handy instructions too. 

How much weight can the pulley maid hold?

If installed correctly onto a weight-bearing ceiling, the laundry drying rack can easily hold a full load of clothes. For example, if you loaded the hanging laundry rack up with soaking wet towels, it would be fine, it just might be a bit heavy to pull up. If you were wanting to hang something else on the hanging laundry rack, like pot plants, that is at your own risk.

What is the maximum ceiling height for the hanging laundry rack?

The maximum height is a 4m/13' high stud. The rope on the Hanging Drying Rack is 8m/26' long.

Can you install the Hanging Drying Rack by a fireplace?

While you should not install it directly above a fireplace in case something was to drop and catch fire, you can definitely install the hanging laundry rack in the same room as a fire. That is the best place for the hanging rack as fires create so much heat in the roof space! 

What else might the Hanging Drying Rack be called?

Depending on where you are in the world, the Hanging Drying Rack could also be known as a clothes dryer, a clothesline, a washing line, a clothes airer, a pulley maid, or a laundry maid.

What other home products does George & Willy sell?

We sell a range of minimal and functional products for the home, including the Floating Shelves and Wooden Pegboard.  We also have the Studio Roller, a wall-mounted kraft paper roll dispenser, plus a miniature version for smaller spaces - the Daily Roller, which is perfect for jotting down notes, shopping lists, and sharing messages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Britany Luth
Love love love

Obsessed with our drying rack. It's so cute and perfectly fills the space in our laundry room. It arrived within days and was fairly easy to install. Couldn't be happier.


The Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack is such a smart design. Not only does it look amazing, but it saves space too! It’s easy to install, and use on a daily basis. I once dreaded washing delicates because of our complicated fold-up rack. It was always falling apart. Now the process is so simple. It dries our clothes faster since we can spread clothes out, and they’re out of the way, too. It’s probably the favorite piece in our entire laundry room!

Kylie Harvey
A Cool and Tidy Addition to Our Renovation

Such a great piece! We always get compliments of how cool it is, our builder had to get the details after his wife said she wanted one after seeing photos of our reno. The cords are all really nice and tidy and strong. Putting it up was simple enough and the instructions were good.

The Perfect Laundry Solution for Efficient Drying and a Clutter-Free Home

I have always seen this product and desperately wanted it, so when we started the renovations I basically designed my laundry to fit this in. My husband and I both love it. Firstly while it’s high and the dryer is going, heat rises, so tada… your clothes are dry in no time. It’s so handy for loads of washing when it’s cold and grim outside and keeps the clutter out of your house. Which makes a OCD human very happy. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Toni May
The Wooden Hanging Clothes Dryer Triumphs

I purchased the wooden hanging cloths dryer. I am so pleased with it and it is super easy to use. In fact I am using my dryer so much less as the drying rack is brilliant at drying the clothes.

I think it looks very modern too. Having the bars going across the rack instead of lengthwise was a brilliant design feature as it fits the cloths really well and looks better.

I have attached a picture for you.